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  • What We Do

    We take care of your daily health needs and motivate you to achieve a healthier you. 

    With our Singapore's first healthy food recommendation app, 

    you can now eat healthier food right where you are.

    Personalised Nutrition Assistant

    Know what dishes you can eat outdoors

    Can't decide what to eat outdoors? Foodingo will tell you what nearby (and delicious!) dishes are best suited for your nutritional needs and taste preferences.

    Track your activities

    Seamless integration with your wearables

    We track your physical activity and suggest you foods and diets to fuel your day. Be your best at achieving your goals!

    Stay motivated

    Join our community

    Be a part of our growing community. Share experiences, get inspired and motivate each other! Stay focused and get guidance from our partner nutritionists.

    Become an inspiration

    Hail, the ninja-chef!

    Share awesome, nutrition-packed recipes and grow your fandom. Follow great chefs and get to know the healthiest and tastiest recipes to WOW your friends.

    Give it a try!

    Our BETA is out!

    Download our Android or iOS application now to give it a try!

    Please note that we are still in BETA phase and are open to your feedback.

  • Get fit with us!

    Follow authentic nutrition advice and discuss your health priorities with us

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